Spreadwing species (Lestes and Archilestes)

Spotted mating wheel. Cook Park, Tigard, Washington Co., Oregon

Male Emerald. Mt Hood, Oregon

Male Lyre-tipped. West Eugene Wetlands, Lane Co., Oregon

Nyberg Road, Tualatin, Wasington County, Oregon

Species Thorax Other Distribution
California (A. californica) White side stripe Large size Common lowlands
Emerald (L. dryas) Green above Green abdomen Mountains, some lowlands
Spotted (L. congener) Black with narrow pale stripes above, white with spots below Common lowlands & mountains
Northern (L. disjunctus) Blue stripes inferior appendages straight Common lowlands & mountains
Lyre-tipped (L. unguiculatus) Identical to Northern inferior appendages curved out Common eastside lowlands
Sweetflag (L.forcipatus) Identical to Northern Female has large ovipositor valves Lowlands, few known sites