Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon and Washington

The species found in Oregon and Washington are listed below. If I have been able to photograph the species I provide a link. Click here for county records for each state.

My photos were primarily taken with natural light and a natural setting. You can find high resolution scanner images of voucher specimens of most of these species on Dennis Paulson's site. Jim Johnson and Ray Bruun have obtained excellent results using flash.

Photos were taken by Dennis Deck unless otherwise specified. Send comments or corrections to Dennis at dennis.d.deck@gmail.com

Dragonflies (Family Anisoptera)

Petaltails (Subfamily Petaluridae)

Darners (Subfamily Aeshnidae)

Clubtails (Subfamily Gomphidae)

Spiketails (Subfamily Cordulegastridae)

Cruisers (Subfamily Macromiidae)

Emeralds (Subfamily Corduliidae)

Skimmers (Subfamily Libellulidae)

Damselflies (Family Zygoptera)

Jewelwings (Subfamily Calopterygidae)

Spreadwings (Subfamily Lestidae)

Pond damsels (Subfamily Coengrionidae)

Other large insects along the river or marsh

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