Who Done It?


These tracks were found in dry mud near the Pebble Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park.

Photo by Dennis Deck

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The four toes with claws showing means canine. The size of this track clearly eliminates the foxes and coyotes. Following the trail leading up to this photo and inspecting the track itself, we were able to eliminate large dogs, leaving the gray wolf.

The larger and deeper track is the front foot. The hind foot barely registered. Since the hind foot usually lands on top of the print made by the front foot, we have a clue that this track was not made in a standard walk or trot. The amount of separation between the two feet suggests some speed, thus suggesting a gallop.

The gray wolf, recently reintroduced to Yellowstone, has made a dramatic comeback. This particular wolf was probably from the Druid Peak Pack which frequents the Lamar Valley and surrounding area.

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