Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) are a unique North American species not related to antelope (or any other living mammal for that matter). They populate the grasslands and sagebrush flats of several western states from Oregon to Wyoming to Arizona. Our fastest land animal, they can hit bursts of 70 miles per hour. They prefer unobstructed flat terrain.

Pronghorn hooves are distinctive and provide insight to the tracks they make. Feeding behavior includes clipping the stalks cleanly, unlike cows. Sagebrush makes up about 40-60% of the diet.


Here we have a front and hind foot and a closeup of the front foot from Jim Halfpenny's ungulate collection.


A clear pronghorn track is distinctive but care must be taken in less perfect situations to distinguish them from deer.


This young pronghorn male scraped the ground with his hoof and then urinated and dropped.

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