Moles often leave their tailtell sign of their feeding, i.e. mounds and burrows, rather than tracks. Rarely one encounters a mole on the surface. Here I show photos of the shrew mole and coast mole.


Shrew Mole

I rescued this little fellow from the neighbor's cat near my home in the Portland area. At first glance from a distance it looks like a shrew but closer examination reveals claws for digging and a bare nose.

Coast Mole

The relatively smaller size and forest habitat of the coast mole distinguish it from the large Townsands mole which prefers meadows and lawns. I found this specimen on a trail in a wooded portion of Silver Falls State Park and believe it fits the description of a coast mole. However, Chris Maser (Mammals of the Pacific Northwest) warns that accurate identification may require the help of a professional.

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