Bird Identification Spreadsheet

I have created an Excel spreadsheet that looks up the full species name and the latin name when you enter a code for each bird seen. This could be used as a standalone tool but is really intended to complement the Bird ID branch of the Northwest Sequence for CyberTracker (see description above). If you paste the results of a query table from CyberTracker, this spreadsheet will lookup the full name and latin name. Note that it is also a great learning tool to help master the coding scheme (i.e., think of a bird, enter the code, and then check your answer).

The spreadsheet employs the 6-letter coding scheme used with the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) rather than a list due to the sheer number of possible species. For more information on this coding system and rules for applying it see A simplified set of rules are:

I credit the idea for this branch and the accompanying spreadsheet to Terry Kem who built his own system using the Bird Banding Labís (BBL) 4-letter coding system.