Oxbow Dirt Time


Organizer. The Tracking Club and Metro

Location. Oxbow Park (located on the Sandy River just upriver of Troutdale, Oregon). A "dirt time" gathering is held at 9AM on the last Sunday of the month starting from the flood plain parking lot.

Purpose.Share knowledge with other club members. Assist new trackers. Monitor wildlife using Oxbow Park.

Participants. The Tracking Club members and Metro naturalists.

Methodology. Individual trackers are maintaining personal notes and journals. This is not a census so there is no formal methodology.


Here is a partial list of animal sign observed along the flood plain area or other locations in the park:

Insectivore Moles
Canines Red fox, Coyote, Domestic dog
Felines Bobcat, Cougar, House cat
Mustelids Mink, River otter, Skunk
Bears Black bear
Rabbits Brush rabbit
Rodents Beaver, Muskrat, Douglas squirrel, Mice
Ungulates Mule deer, Elk
Other mammals Raccoon, Oppossum
Birds Great blue heron, Sandhill crane, Canada goose, Ducks, Spotted sandpiper, Steller's jay, Robin, Sparrows, Great horned owl, Redtail hawk, Bald eagle, Osprey

Photo top right: One of the trails in the park.

Photo upper left: Red fox tracks in fine silt after high water.

Photo lower left: Bobcat tracks patroling the river bank.

Photo bottom right: Brush rabbit partially eaten and cached by a bobcat.

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